Trampoline House / ADT - Asylum Dialogue Tank
Workshop leading to The Trampoline House at Gallery Q, which later became permanent. Today it is located at Thoravej 7 in Copenhagen.


ADT Asylum Dialogue Tank began as a workshop at the Royal Danish Academy and at the asylum centre Kongelunden. The initiators were artist Joachim Hamou, Morten Goll and curator Tone Olaf Nielsen. A group was formed of asylum seekers, art students and architecture students. The group began asking critical questions about the asylum system and about what it means for those inside the system and for those outside it. This led to a test site at Gallery Q in Copenhagen with the purpose of testing out ideas: there were language classes, dance classes, legal counseling, medical help, and a reading group amongst the activities. The intention was to create a reversed space of exception to the camp’s space of exception: a reversed space in which asylum seekers would temporarily be re-equipped with the basic civil rights that they are deprived of in the camps.

At the test site there was a common will to create a third space, which could accommodate these qualities on a permanent basis. The test site at Gallery Q was collectively named the Trampoline House and has since become a user driven culture house. For more information see: